Suomi 100 Maailmalla – Finland 100 Worldwide is the joint project of the Finland Society/Suomi-Seura ry, Ministry to Finns Abroad (National Church Council, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland), and the Institute of Migration. It is also supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and the Finnish Seamen´s Mission. Finland 100 Worldwide has been accepted to be included in the official Finland 100 programme.

The aim of the project is

  • to encourage and support expatriate Finnish organisations and communities to organise events related to the centenary of Finland’s independence and to provide information on Finland in their own country
  • to gather events related to the centenary of Finland’s independence to be held worldwide (outside of Finland) into a joint calendar of events, so they can be discovered by as many people as possible
  • to provide support and ideas to expatriate Finns for the centenary celebration
  • to forward information and feelings to Finland and to expatriate Finns about the celebration of the centenary of Finland worldwide

In 2017 independent Finland will become 100 years old.  It is Finland’s grand year, which is being drawn up together. The centenary celebration is open to both Finns and friends of Finland, and there are multiple ways to celebrate, for instance by organizing local events, celebrations, seminars, exhibitions, school or media visits, and concerts, in which Finland is in the spotlight. During Finland’s jubilee year, the blue-cross flag will be raised to the flagpole in almost every corner of the world when expatriate Finns gather in their events to celebrate Finland’s independence. In their events they spread information about Finland and its strengths.

Expatriate Finnish organisation, please announce your centenary event in the Event Calendar at Submit an event.

If you have an idea for celebrating the jubilee which you want to share with other expatriate Finnish organisations, tell about it in the Idea Bank and support other expatriate Finns in their preparations for the centenary.

The Performer Bank provides singers, musicians, bands, choirs, dancers, theatre groups, lecturers, speakers and others a forum to offer their expertise to expatriate Finnish organisations. Organisers of events can contact performers directly in the Performer Bank.

The Material Bank includes useful website links to help you find information on Finland for expatriate Finns. If you know good websites, please share them with us.

You can add information to the Idea Bank, the Performer Bank and the Material Bank at Add information.


Foto: Hongkongin suomi-koulu